Regional Package


Choose our regional package if you want to distribute your press release over an entire region. This can include a few states or an area you have designated. We will work with you to define the best coverage for your goals and needs. 

For example, if you are a political candidate running for a gubernatorial race, you may want regional coverage for your state and perhaps 1-2 neighboring states or counties. We’ll write and/or edit your press release and send it out with tailored distribution that focuses on regional coverage for the audience you want to reach and engage.

Our distribution includes connecting with local news sites and sending your press release to a handpicked selection of most suitable contacts to get the word out about your story. We put the time and effort into ensuring your press release is of high quality, tailored to your audience and distributed widely to help you gain the most traction possible and generate ROI.


Suitable for:

  • Individuals, organizations and companies seeking out regional coverage
  • Promoting Local Events and Product Launches



√ Regional coverage 

√ Regional News Sites

√ Regional News Feeds

√ Industry-specific contacts

√ Great for small businesses

√ Great for medium businesses

√ Placement through our network

√ Major Search Engine submissions (Google, Bing, Yahoo!)

√ Industry News Feeds submissions

√ Blogger visibility

√ Media List 

√ Media Subscribers

√ Premium Website placement (financial markets)

√ Embedded website url

√ File attachments such as photos and videos

√ Informational text links

√ Next day distribution


Editing Your Press Release + Regional Distribution. 

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Writing Your Press Release + Regional Distribution.

Tailored Distribution

We distribute your press release to our comprehensive network of over 2 mil+ media contacts and 350,000 B2B contacts. Learn more about our Distribution and Metrics.

Specify your target region on the order form and add any special instructions.

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