Author Marketing and Book Publicity

You’ve done the hard work of writing a book. Now you are done, right? Not quite…It is a fantastic thing to have written a book. So congratulations there! That’s in many ways the hard part - knowing what to write, how you’re going to do it and then doing it. After you’ve written your book though, it’s time to think about making it discoverable.

Getting Your Book In Front of Your Readers
The biggest priority for you as an author apart from writing your book is getting it in front of enough readers. You need enough people to see, hear and read about your book BEFORE they buy. Not everyone who hears about your book is going to buy it so getting your book in front of ENOUGH people matters.

#1 Know Your Audience
Media coverage through television, radio and magazine interviews will bring in large exposure to your book and you as an author. However, it may not be the audience you want as it can be quite general. Your approach to book publicity has to include both reach (biggest number of potential readers) as well as specificity (targeted to your ideal audience).

Hence the most helpful thing you can do to promote your book is to know who your audience is and to target that audience. For example, if your book is non-fiction and about cooking, who do you think is your best audience? That audience may have some overlap but will probably differ from the core audience that buys a science fiction book or one about politics. When you know your audience, you will be able to leverage your marketing outreach to gain the right exposure, target your audience and ultimately sell more books. Every book and every author is different. At PR Orbit, we have a customized approach, tailoring your media coverage to outlets that value and appreciate what you have to offer and help you maximize your potential readership.

#2 Develop Your Website and/or Blog
Use the power of the Internet to reach your readers. People are more likely to buy from someone who is visible online and thus credible with an established website and/or blog. Some things to keep in mind for your site include having a website that is responsive and mobile-optimized so you can view it from any device or browser.

Include a biography, head shot and images of your book. If you have interviews or media coverage, share it here. Add links to your social media and positive book reviews. Most importantly, add a paragraph that describes your book enough to trigger interest with your book image and links where to purchase the book.

#3 Engage on Social Media, Forums and Online Communities:
Spread the word about your book though social media (2-3 outlets is enough). Mention your media coverage and events you will be at as well as any promotions. Make it easy for people to find you, learn about you and discover your books!

#4 Create a Mailing List:
Build a newsletter tied to your website or blog where you can connect with your readers. Share information about your events, books, media coverage and any promotions.

#5 Attend Conferences and Events:
Go to events and conferences and share your book. Whether it is your college or high school alumni reunion or an industry event, go and connect with people. Make new connections and grow your audience.

#6 Create Your Press Release:
Develop and distribute a press release that introduces both you and your book effectively, accentuating any knowledge or experience you have and any issues you are addressing (social/political/environmental/cultural etc.) PR Orbit can help you with creating, editing and distributing your press release to your targeted audience.

#7 Media Kit:
Create a media kit that makes it easy for any journalist, blogger or other media professional to learn about you quickly and easily. Build a lasting positive impression on your terms. Include your business card, headshot, book cover, biography, information about your book, contact information and any media coverage or book reviews.

There are additional marketing steps you can take to grow your audience such as creating videos, offering discounts, holding contests, running Facebook ads or promotions and hosting book readings. The key is to keep your author promotion relevant by consistent marketing in a variety of different ways. At PR Orbit, we can help you develop your author biography and positioning as well as your press release content to best market your book to your target audience. 

Best Practices for Monitoring Your Brand Online

You’ve crafted and sent out a great press release. What else can you do for your business in terms of publicity online? A good place to start is to check your brand online and monitor your brand reputation. Here are some tips:

Earned Media

You and your company may already be receiving press from bloggers, journalists and influencers. They may be posting articles and news about you. A simple way to monitor online comments about you, your brand and your company is to set up a Google alert. You may want to do that for your competitor too so you can learn, helping you in determining keywords that people are searching for in your industry.

Social Media

Your customers, prospects and influencers all use social media to discuss what they are interested in, what they want and their experiences.  They also may talk about you or your brand. Monitoring mentions of your name and company are important for your brand. If a customer has a complaint, you can respond directly and quickly. By being active on social media you also show customers your customer service and interest in modern topics. You can also learn a lot about your audience and refine your content strategy using data and analytics.

It is important to keep an eye also how people describe your company and brand. Do they seem excited or are they bored or worse, complaining? Do they value the content you share? Do you get requests and positive feedback? All of these engagements are learning opportunities for you to improve your communications, brand image and engagement with customers.