PR for Technology

You’ve got a new tech product or service you want to promote but you’re worried how to do it right. It helps to take a closer look at what people want to learn and how you can tell your story best.

Story versus Hype

Every day we are bombarded with information about the latest product or technical prowess. It can easily be too much information and also hard to distinguish between hype and what’s real.

Talking purely about technology should not ever be your goal in writing a press release about it. The goal must be to drive sales, increase brand awareness or other larger goal tied directly to your business.

People aren’t interested in just reading about technology without a story behind it explained in a way that makes logical sense.

Some things to consider in terms of benefits include looking at how this new technology can improve communications with stakeholders, impact performance and improve efficiency or other measure benefits.

Getting the Numbers Right

You may have access to a lot of data about the new technology your company just made or invested in but be unclear what to share in your press release. It helps if you can see the data or metrics you have in terms of feasible opportunities. Focus on the metrics that matter to your brand and your company performance. Share the data that connects to the story you are telling and is of interest to the reader.

Add Visually Compelling Images

Whenever possible, add a compelling image. It helps in increasing viewership and engagement and makes your story easier to understand and more compelling to your reader. It can be photographs or video.

By offering the right content tailored to your audience - content that is well written and compelling to read - you’ll be happy to see your brand awareness, interest in your company and  conversions go up.