Writing Your Biography as an Author

As a new author, it can be daunting at times to write your own biography. It is often easier to write about someone else. Even for a seasoned professional, writing your own biography can be tough. It is hard to put yourself in the shoes of someone else and write about yourself.

Having a biography is essential as an author. Whether you are a new author or a veteran, it is important to have a professionally written biography that you can share with your audience. You will also want to have this bio in different lengths and also different styles to fit the format where it will be displayed.

Getting your author biography ready is an important part of your author marketing and book promotion preparation. It is information you will want to also include in your media kit that you give out to journalists, bloggers and other influencers in the media who can help spread the word about your book.

At the basic level, you will want two biographies ready - a short one that you can post on social media outlets and a medium-length one (one to two paragraphs) that you can share on your website, blog or send via email.

For a complete biography, you will want more description that can fill up to two pages that contains information such as your education, background, any awards or recognition, links to media and or interviews, positive book reviews and complete contact information. You will also want to have a one-sheet credentials page that lists your achievements and education for easy access. Getting these aspects ready can make a huge difference when you are pitching your book to be included in a TV or radio spot or in a blog or other online avenue.

We can help you develop your author biography so that you put your best foot forward. Explore our author promotion packages. One of our editors will meet with you on the phone to discuss your goals and learn about you for a one-hour consultation. We will collect necessary background information that you provide and want to use to promote your brand. We will do research in your industry to better understand your audience. Then we'll carefully craft a biography for you in various lengths to engage your audience across multiple formats.