3 Ways to Effectively Share Your Newly Minted Press Release

You’ve just written an effective press release and submitted it to us. We’ve distributed it through our channels and sent you a comprehensive report with all the media contacts. What can you do on your end to keep the publicity going and to showcase your recent event, product or promotion?

Here are three effective ways that you can quickly share your newly minted press release:

1. Social Media Channels

Share your new press release via social media directly and also using social share buttons that post a link to your release to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google + and other outlets

Schedule this posting to direct social media feeds using tools like Hootsuite or Buffer so that you can publish them at scheduled intervals over days and weeks to maximize exposure.

2. Post to Your Blog

Share your press release on your blog with a short summary of the news and linking to it. This encourages engagement and may lead to a purchase or request for more information.

3. Send to Email Subscribers

Be sure to send out your press release in your monthly newsletter If you have one or to your mailing list so your customers and followers know what’s happening in your company and industry. You can measure engagement through monitoring click through rates and using Google analytics.

Spread your press release far and wide, using our targeted massive distribution list as well as your own contacts and network. Get the word out so people read, engage and convert!