Promote Your New Album, Book or Tour

Whether you’ve just finished your new album or book or you’re going on tour, it’s time for you to spread the word, get people engaged and reach your audience where they are. Our Local package can help you get localized coverage in towns and cities so that you can reach audiences who love what you have to offer. Reach and engage your target audience locally with our press release writing, editing and distribution services.

Localized Coverage in Towns and Cities

Maybe you’re a new author in town or your band is performing in town. How do you get people to discover your work or come to your events? A local press release can help you connect with local audiences who are looking for exactly what you have to offer. Show up in online searches for local events, book and album releases and promote your tours and products directly.

When you work with Rapid Press Release, we’ll help you connect with the journalists, bloggers and influencers in your area to pick up your story and share it directly with their audiences. Get localized coverage and connect directly.

Writing Your Press Release

We can create your press release for you, working with you directly to ensure that we capture your message and share it as clearly and succinctly as possible. You’ll provide any photographs, videos and links. We’ll finalize your press release after 3 revisions.  We can help. Learn more about our Writing Services.

Editing Your Existing Press Release

You already have an existing press release but it is not engaging audiences effectively or it just needs a professional edit. We can help. We’ll edit your press release and refine the copy so that it is compelling enough to engage audiences locally. Learn more about editing a press release in our Guide.

Coverage Where the Locals Are

When you’re performing at a local event, you have to get the word out so that the locals hear about it and come out to attend. That’s where good copy and distribution comes into play. Choose our Local package to distribute your press release locally and get it in the hands of local journalists and bloggers who will effectively promote it for you. country.

Tailored Distribution

We distribute your press release to our comprehensive network of over 2 mil+ media contacts and 350,000 B2B contacts. Our distribution includes connecting with local news sites and sending your press release to the best, handpicked selection of most suitable contacts based on your industry and interests to get the word out about your story. We put the time and effort into ensuring your press release is of high quality, tailored to your audience and distributed widely to help you gain the most traction possible and generate ROI. Learn more about our Distribution and Metrics.

Suitable for:

  • Individuals and companies looking for local coverage
  • Promoting Local Events and Tours and Product Launches

Our Local Package Features:

√ Localized coverage
√ Local News Sites
√ Industry-specific contacts
√ Great for small businesses
√ Great for medium businesses
√ Placement through our network
√ Major Search Engine submissions (Google, Bing and Yahoo!)
√ Industry News Feeds submissions
√ Blogger visibility
√ Media List
√ Media Subscribers
√ Premium Website placement (financial markets)
√ Embedded website url
√ File attachments such as photos and videos
√ Informational text links
√ Next day distribution

Read more about our Local Package.

*Special Offer* Same Day Delivery

We offer same day service for our Local Packages. Please specify in your email to the editor.

Editing + LOCAL Distribution

Get local distribution for your press release! We'll edit your existing press release and send it to targeted local contacts in the region you designate.

Specify your target region on the order form and add any special instructions.


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Writing + Local Distribution


We'll write, edit and distribute your press release locally! We'll write a press release for you and send it to targeted local contacts in the region you designate. Our press release writing process is personalized and involves 3 rounds of revision to ensure precision and excellence. You will be in touch with our editors directly.


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